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"Small nostalgy, quiet dream,
Etherial as Cloud, fragile as smoke
In soul mysterious sighs
There it did not know who [...]"

              W. Trzciński

              We greet on part of Irish Wolfhound breeding "Republic of dream". My name is Anna Grolik, together with my husband Jaroslaw and dogs we are living in charming downtown district of Cracow in Poland

              Irish Wolfhound appeared in my life in 1996. Irish Wolfhound show my interest suddenly and imperceptibly in order to capture my heart.

              In 1998 took up residence with us my first Irish Wolfhound MING LING Sagittarius-Tigra. She taught me how great race is Irish Wolfhound. She was uncommon intelligent, faithful and devoted. Great friend whole world, never harm anybody. It`s becouse of Tigra came into being my "Republic of dream". Thanks to her my dreams grown unnoticeable to took shape after years, in order to being my passion. Dreams living in our ideas, M. Aureliusz said: "Our life is this, what our thought do".

              To try to achieve in our idea, it will become to daydream. I belive hardly in it, I hope to be equal to the task and I hope that I have enough strength, faith and perseverance for "Republic of dream". I want my "Republic of dream" become my reality in order to watch puppies` birth after our working years. I would like to see them as in my dreams and as they should be... healthy, strong at the same time excellent vitality.

"As long as life, as long as hope".

Photo have been taken by Barbara Strzałkowska from kennel "Sagittarius".

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              I would like to heartily thanks to afforded me photos, translations especially also for implementation on website necessity as well as included documents:

              Also I would like to render special thanks to Marta Pacanowska, which she fulfill my dreams for this website :-))

              Anna Grolik

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