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First, Polish Irish Wolfhounds pedigree database
Date of creation - June 17th 2007








Welcome at the page of Polish IW database.
In April 2007 it has been established the idea of first database of IWs born in our Country and imported to Poland.
Our base in its expectations it is not only a register of born litters and IW imports, but it should be also a visiting card of breeding, an introduction of its breed achievement and, what is the most important, we aim it to contain information of each line's health.
To be able to follow these lines, however, the availability of their pedigrees is needed, a few generations backward at least. After almost 2-year work on completing and seeking out the pedigrees, today we can enjoy providing access to a register and pedigrees over 15.000 IWs! Even today some of the lines (and they will be more) go back more than 30 generations backward, up to 1879 and earlier, to wolfhounds and deerhounds, borzoi or mastiff. They are from Richardson's & kpt. Graham's line that have been aimed to breed recording!

It is a truly surprise for breed lovers and I know that only a few databases all over the world can enjoy those pedigrees!
I also take the information to databases from as available publications as exhibition catalogs, journals, internet pages as well as the breeders and IW owners. Unfortunately, there are mistakes in these publications that we are successively improving. We need our base contains them as few as possible, therefore I ask you, my dear breed lovers, for a correction with a mistake indication. We will try to correct it as soon as possible for us and for you first of all. Promotion of IWs is the idea of our database as well which are examined thanks to their responsible carers' help. With a great pleasure I will put by a pedigree of respective dogs: PRA results of eyes medical, X-hip- and knee-joints, DNA profile, current result of heart ECHO (not older than 2 years). I have also a request for giving death reasons of your IW with a particular attention to the diseases that are troubling and transferred from one generation to the other. It makes possible for breeders to follow individual lines and make an aware choice of breeding dogs. How important it is for breed future I can't you remind, because every responsible breeder undoubtedly knows the problem of diseases and breed selection. It is really nice to tell you that thanks to many breeders our database has been still increasing by IW photos as well.

Thank you very much!

I render also great thanks to Anna Wojtkowiak (a breed enthusiast for ages) for voluntary sharing priceless video records of Polish IW. It will be established soon in our database, where it can feast your eyes of these gems for every breed lover!.

Special thanks to Tore Grønhaug (kennel Grunningen) for providing a large number of pedigrees..

Database is announced for you - Dear Breed Lovers.

That's why I would like to inform with a great pleasure, we can quite voluntary make a pedigree for your IW as well as the whole litter. It will be a real privilege for us you have chosen our database!.

A few important information;
What should I do my dog will put in database?

Send to: annagrolik@republika-marzen.pl dog data, scan of pedigree in a proper size (please scan, copy or good quality photo), and all data and papers that lacks of pedigree register and can be useful for work on its origin. If the dog has got medicals for dysplasia, eyes test, heart echo, DNA profile or the other, please scan, copy or clear photo with a date of medical. You can also fill in the form register on the next page. .

Rules of sending data of pedigrees and updating

To make the work easier and quicker, please send data giving always your dog's name according to pedigree, not: home name. The best your dogs photos, if they are files included your dog's name (with small letter: name with nickname): namenickname.jpg .

Copy rights

Please not download photos and pedigrees from our database without contact me. Each of database users, has a right to use it, however please give a source as a page link, after my confirmation of pedigree enjoyment.

Which photos?!

Photos should be a visiting card of your dog. I have never place more than one photo in pedigree. It should be a dog's shot sideways in exhibit position .


I insert common titles. There are: national champion, interchampion (with information where it has been won - countries), youth champion, Poland, Europe, world, club winner. I don't insert the titles as: Zwyc. Wyst., NSwR, NPwR, BOB, BOG,CWC, CACIB. .


I am not always able to add new litters born in individual breeding, that's why I will be grateful for cooperation with breeders. So, if some litter does not exist in database and it was born, that means the breeder either not ask me to it or not to also answer for my questions. .


I do please for further information which let me the database, your dogs' photos and their ancestors, their pedigrees and the other important information as dogs' longevity. Diagnosis - death reason. What the dogs were suffered from or are suffered (hereditary sickness)..

If you are interested in this establishment of your IW, please contact me. It is also the possibilityof making pedigree with Inbred factor for any amount of generations (depend on available data). .

I wish you a satisfaction from our database enjoyment.


Copyright Anna and Jaroslaw Grolik

© annagrolik